We Specialise In 9mm AR 15

Parts, Uppers, AR Pistols & Rifles

We also carry most AR 15 calibers


On sale NOW

Mil spec Complete Lowers 

In Pistol or Rifle configuration

$125.00 + shipping

We ordered a 1000 lowers before the election "just in case" we lost

We are selling them now as close to cost as we can.







We have been building AR 15's for 25 years.
We build a decent quality AR 15 in both Rifle & AR Pistol and build using quality mil spec parts.
We make them affordable not cheap.
They are accurate and can out perform the shooter.
We are a small to medium shop and a Family owned and run Business.
Our techs are top notch.
The tech who starts to build your gun finishes the gun, no handing off to other techs in an assembly line.
This is where pride in what they build comes in so you get the best workmanship and parts. 

All our Guns & Uppers come with a one year warranty.

If the inventory on our site shows in stock your item is in stock, no waiting weeks to get what you ordered.

This may sound corny but we treat everyone the way we would like to be treated as a customer, it's called common courtesy and it works.

We look forward to your business.

Thank you