Anderson  AR 15 Rifle - K 16" 5.56
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Anderson  AR 15 in 16" 5.56

The Anderson Receivers we are using are a matched set of upper & Lowers
This Carbine has a 5.56 Mil spec Chamber and will also shoot most 223
This is a Aero Precision 16" Carbine built by Us "Orion".
We use Mil Spec parts in all our AR builds.

There One 30 rd Mag + Manual included.
Chambered in 5.56
Anderson  Upper & Lower
Mil Spec BCG M16 Chrome lined, Mil spec Charging handle
Mil spec lower parts kit
16" inch Mil Spec threaded barrels, 1-9 twist
We tune the Gas Port on the barrel to assure optimum performance
Gas block, Low Profile
A2 Flash hider
Orion Aluminum Free Float Quad rails
These units are Brand new and we warranty them for one full year.

  • Item #: AR-15-16" K
  • Manufacturer: Anderson
  • Condition: New

Anderson AR 15 Rifle - K 16" 5.56

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