Anderson  AR 15 Rifle 16" 7.62x39
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Chambered in 7.62x39

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Anderson  AR 15 in a Fluted 16" Stainless Steel barrel.Specs:
One 30 Rd USGI Mag
One AR 15/M16 USGI Manual
16" Fluted Stainless Steel barrel
1-10 Right Hand Twist
Anderson  Matched Upper & Lower
Mil Spec Lower Parts Kit
USA Made M4 6 position Stock
Mil Spec BCG,chrome lined M16 made fore the 7.62x39 rd
Competition Muzzle Break for quick follow up shot acquisition,Threaded 5/8x24
 Orion Free Float Quad Rails
Quad Rail Gas Block

  • Item #: 16-7.62x39
  • Manufacturer: Anderson
  • Condition: New

Anderson AR 15 Rifle 16" 7.62x39

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