Anderson AR 15  7.5" AR Pistol 4.2" Quads 300 Blackout
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Anderson  AR Pistol 300 Blackout Thunder

This Unit has all the upgrades.
Stainless Steel Hammer & Trigger
Chrome lined Full Auto BGG for long last performance in this Semi Auto AR Pistol
Stainless Steel 7.5" Barrel
Thunder Flash Hider in Stainless Steel
The new Pistol Buffer tube with foam cover, castle nut, special locking tongue , it locks into the buffer detent, Ambi sling point.
300 Blackout engraved dust cover
We have test fired these units with many types and loads of ammo and it runs like a sewing machine.

Here's a YouTube video of some Thunder customers of ours, the videos are of the 5.56 model but the 300 Blackout runs just as smooth.


YouTube Video of the Thunder1


YouTube Video of the Thunder2


 This AR Pistol is called "Thunder"
After you shoot it you'll know why.

This is a customized
Anderson AR Pistol made by us.
It is built using top of the line components.
Chambered in 300 Blackout
Red's Tactical Specter length Free Float Quad rail hand guards.
Low Profile Gas Block.
Pistol buffer tube with high end Buffer & Spring.
Mil Spec chrome lined Bolt & Carrier Group with Heavy Duty extractor spring for extreme operation in AR Pistols.
Gas port optimized to the correct size for 7.5" Pistols.
7.5" AR Stainless Steel Pistol Barrel made by Red X
Thunder Stainless Steel Flash Hider designed for a big bang in these short AR's


  • Item #: 7.5-4.2Q-300BO
  • Manufacturer: Anderson
  • Condition: New

Anderson AR 15 7.5" AR Pistol 4.2" Quads 300 Blackout

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